The 4 Steps to Understanding RTB Advertising

Similar to TV, radio and print adverting, the  strategies during the dawn of online advertising were built upon finding and targeting audiences in places where they might be; often relying on content targeting, or rough nelson data to inform media buying. Thankfully, in today’s advertising landscape, marketers are armed with rapidly emerging technology, an ever-more-precise understanding […]


Google Introduces Automatic Item Updates For PLAs

For most, this feature seems like a long time coming for Google. With most eCommerce systems now capable of complex micro-data and product feeds in real-time, it feels like product-listing-ads (PLA’s) have been lagging behind for a few years. In the emerging Google shopping universe of preferred merchant (asking for shipping speed and returns data) it seems silly […]

Twitter Allows Advertisers to Upload Custom Lists

Twitter Ads can offer a great way to target relevant audiences and extend the reach of your marketing messages. Historically advertisers have  promoted tweet campaigns targeting followers of followers, geotargeting, interests and keywords. To date many companies have been happy to do this as a great way to increase brand exposure and target people who […]



70% of College Students Post to Snapchat Daily

No wonder Snapchat is now being valued at $10 billion. If the Millennial generation is using it this much then we could start to see a marketplace for advertising open up to target this demographic in the near future.  The interesting thing about this is, college students feel their information is secure on Snapchat compared to other […]

Salesforce and Omnicom Deal Underscores Growing Importance of Marketing Technology

Salesforce and Omnicom announced a partnership on Tuesday that will give the holding company’s agencies and their clients access to Salesforce’s full product offering. The deal underscores how agencies are turning to marketing technology to centralize customer data. It also demonstrates Salesforce’s attempts to expand its client base. Michael Lazerow “Five years ago, I don’t […]


2014 Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends for North America.

The Content Marketing Institute and BrightCove released the 2014 Content Marketing Benchmarks PDF this week and it provides some good insights for what I believe to be a very strong 2015 for the world of content marketing. The State of B2B Content Marketing In North America Greetings Content Marketers, We have good news to report! B2B content […]